Qt for Symbian released

I said in my previous posting, over a month ago, that I planned to describe my efforts to learn Qt from Nokia which is set to be the application development framework of choice for Symbian OS. I got a little sidetracked, largely due to my daughter being born (hurrah!), but also because I really wanted to try it on Symbian before writing about it. Well, just a few days ago Qt have released version 4.6 with official support for Symbian development. There’s been a beta floating around for a while, but I’ve never been able to get it working properly. Now, with the official release they have also published this nifty set of videos, explaining step by step how to install the development environment. It’s worth noting that because Qt is being sort of ‘appended’ to the existing S60 SDK, there are a lot more steps to install it then there needs to be. One is installing the framework on the device. Obviously todays devices don’t ship with Qt, so this is necessary.

After following the steps in the videos, I ran into just one problem. The AppTRK used for on-device debugging, which so magically set itself up automatically in the video, failed to do so for me. I tweaked a few settings and built and ran it with the WINSCW emulator. The screenshot below is the result of my efforts:

A very simple example. Just a text field, and a button which when clicked adds the text to the list box (which isn’t really visible). To do this in Symbian C++ would take a while though, and that’s the point of Qt, increasing productivity so developers can focus on features not figuring out how to make stuff work.


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